How are you getting on with Veganuary? Here are some menu ideas for eating plant based as a family all week!

It seems that veganism is more popular than ever! Being healthy and saving the planet are such fantastic goals. I have posted lots of family friendly recipes on this site and the key is keeping it up!

I thought I would post what we have been eating this week to give more ideas and encouragement to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So before I begin, I am a working mum with 2 sporty children! I don’t have a huge amount of time to prep dinners and lunches so our meals are easy to make with bigger portions to feed all of the family! I don’t want to make more than 1 meal so we all eat the same things.

I am only going to list the main meals as they are more exciting than breakfast and lunches.

For breakfast, we eat avocado on toast, bagels, cereal, banana bread, porridge and fruit. Please use dairy free spread and plant based milk. We prefer the taste of Koko milk.

Lunch is usually pasta, soup, salads, sandwiches and left overs! Also beans on toast when all else fails and we haven’t been shopping!

Sunday Home made butternut squash, roasted pepper and coconut soup with chilli and coriander

Potato and leek pie with green beans and peas

Monday Sweet potato Bombay curry, cauliflower and tomato curry, Indian salad, rice

Tuesday Black bean chilli, rice, guacamole, tacos

Wednesday Pasta Arabiatta with green salad and garlic bread

Thursday Special fried rice and spring rolls

Friday Mixed spicy bean fajitas with wraps

Saturday Home made pizza with peppers, sweet corn, tomatoes, olives and herbs

Curry again as it’s the weekend! Coconut dhal, onion Bhajis, potato curry, pilau rice

Sunday Coconut chilli noodle soup

Sweet corn and chickpea burgers, homemade coleslaw and chips

Good luck! So many options!

You can also have jacket potatoes, pesto pasta, mushroom mince, bean and vegetable stew, vegetable souvlaki, tofu sandwiches, falafels.

Be inspired, try foods from all over the world! Be happy and healthy!


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