Happy Veganmas!


We are delighted to be celebrating our 3rd Christmas as a vegan family. It has been tough at times and not always easy to eat and drink plant based products. However, even over the past months, we are seeing so many more plant based ranges in mainstream supermarkets and having access to more vegan menus in restaurants. I am not such a fan of the meat replacement products and would prefer to eat more vegetables. The world is finally catching up and we are all leading a more healthy lifestyle as a result.

As we move into Veganuary, there are so many delicious dishes to try. Over the Christmas break, we used a lot of the Bosh recipes including Portobello Mushroom Wellington and Big Bosh nut roast. These are super tasty recipes to try and wow your guests including non-vegans. We even managed a marinated and grilled Tofu sandwich to replace the infamous turkey baguette – delicious with cranberry sauce and vegan mayonnaise.

You can also make an alternative to mince pies using puff pastry and shop bought mince meat. Just double check the ingredients on the packaging. Lay a sheet of pastry on a clean flat surface, evenly spread the mix of mince meat over the pastry, grate and zest 1 orange and then lay over a second sheet of puff pastry. Cut into thin lines, twist and cook for 10-15 minutes. Delicious with a dusting of icing sugar warm from the oven.

If you don’t want to make food, then try the ranges in the supermarkets. Waitrose had some delicious vegan Jackfruit taco’s which we would highly recommend and there are even vegan mince pies!

Try cooking more plant based foods, try making it super tasty and colourful and try it on your friends and family who ‘don’t eat vegetables’! They will love it and you won’t look back! I will post more recipes to help kick-start your Veganuary! Let me know any special requests!

2019 – be healthy, be happy and be kind ❤